6” Pumps 6TN series
Manufactured completely in Bizzi & Tedeschi factory located in Campegine-Italy, thanks to the use of fine quality materials and construction which takes care of details, this product meets low cost and long life requirements. The duration especially represents an element which is much greater than similar products of competitor brands.
The 6TN series pump is of centrifugal multistage type with radial and semi-axial flow, equipped with coupling flange in accordance with Nema Standards, suitable to pump water from very deep wells.
The external jacket is 2 mm thick stainless steel to guarantee sturdiness and solidity.
The coupling, shaft and suction filter are in stainless steel.
Impellers, disks and diffusers are made in Lexan, originally by Sabic (ex General Electric), which are among the best wear-resistant thermoplastic materials present on the market.
The disks and diffusers are equipped with stainless steel wear rings in the areas in contact with the impellers to provide smooth rotation and long life.
Stainless steel shaft sleeves plated in thick chromium which rotate inside rubber abrasion-proof bearing bushes to grant high wear-resistance.
Valve body and suction casing in cast iron with nickel-plated treatment.
Antifriction ring to protect pump from potential counterthrust.

Built-in check valve in 2 versions:
6TN- standard version: with valve body in one single piece
Special 6TN-DV version: with valve body in 2 parts for greater hydraulic sealing in heavy-duty conditions

Working limits:
Maximum sand content: 100 gr/m3
Maximum working time with closed outlet: 2 min.

Rotation direction and electrical motors
6TN pumps rotate anti-clockwise viewed from the delivery casing. They are equipped with submersible Bizzi & Tedeschi water bath type rewindable motors PA6 series up to 37 kW or else with 4” PL4 up to 5.5 kW.
See the relative brochures for motor details.

Fields of application:
Agricultural irrigation and gardening
Municipality, domestic and industrial water supply
Fire-fighting systems
Artificial snow-making systems
Performance range at 2900 r.p.m.
Pump Delivery
Manometric Head
Power range
data card
6TN2 120 - 220 435 - 120 2,2 - 15 6TN2 6'' serie 6TN
6'' serie 6TN
6TN3A 140 - 280 415 - 140 2,2 - 18,5 6TN3A
6TN4 240 - 420 479 - 240 2,2 - 30 6TN4
6TN6 330 - 570 461 - 330 2,2 - 37 6TN6
6TN8 420 - 750 353 - 420 3 - 37 6TN8

6'' serie 6TN
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