4” PL4 submersible motors
Totally manufactured in our factory in Campegine -Italy, the Bizzi & Tedeschi electric submersible motors PL4 series are the result of decades of experience in this sector. The use of finest materials, the design of each component within broad safety margins, the careful assembling and strict final inspections all guarantee high performances, reliability and a long working duration.
PL4 are asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor and are equipped with coupling flange according to Nema standards. Stator composed by high permeability magnetic sheet for excellent energy savings. Copper winding wire coated by several layers of enamel, carefully insulated among phases and towards earth to withstand voltage surges and to guarantee greater reliability. The rotor for all three-phase motors from to 2.2kW (3HP) has a copper squirrel cage for higher performances. SKF or FAG ball bearings able to withstand the axial thrust of the pump and guarantee reliable and long-lasting rotation of the rotor.
All external parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel for the shaft end, the external jacket, bolts, nuts, and brass used for the upper support.
The internal cooling is guaranteed by non-toxic dielectric fluid conforming to the standards of the Italian and European Pharmacopea and those of the Food and Drug Administration of United States. Motor sealing is performed by three seal levels. Widely sized rubber expanding diaphragm to allow the equalization between the motor internal and external pressure without exchange of liquids. Bidirectional rotation.
The motors are rewindable and easy to repair.
Class F insulation, IP68 protection grade.

Application limits: max start/hour 20, max water temperature 30°C with water flow speed around the motor >0.08 m/sec, max voltage variation: +5%/-8%, max submersion 150 m.
Standard versions: single-phase 220-230 V with max power 2.2 kW; three-phase 380-400V with max power 9.3 kW. Frequency 50 Hz.
On demand: different voltages and 60 Hz frequency.
Performance range
PN Fmax 1Ph 3Ph
HP kW N V230M
V240M V400
V415 V220T
PL4-0,5 0,5 0,37 2500 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-0,75 0,75 0,55 2500 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-1 1 0,75 2500 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-1,5 1,5 1,1 2500 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-2 2 1,5 2500 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-3 3 2,2 2500 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-3R 3 2,2 5000 SI SI SI SI SI
PL4-4 4 3 5000     SI SI SI
PL4-5,5 5,5 4 5000     SI SI SI
PL4-4,5 7,5 5,5 5000     SI SI SI
PL4-10 10 7,5 5000     SI SI  
PL4-12,5 12,5 9,3 5000     SI SI  

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