8”-10" Pumps 8R-10R series
8R and 10R pumps are of centrifugal multi stage radial flow type and they are totally 100% made in Italy.
Designed and manufactured with materials that grant high hydraulic performances and a very good working reliability, they are suitable to raise water even from very deep wells, more than 500 m, also in very hard conditions.
The manufacture with independent stages as warranty of strength and reliability, the use of very good quality materials and the very good manufacture of the pump in all its details, assure that these pumps have a quality level superior in comparison with similar products of competitor brands.
Cast iron stage body.
Coupling, shaft and suction filter are in stainless steel.
Impellers and diffusers:
For 8R series: they are in thermoplastic material
For 10R series: they are in cast iron
Chromium plated brass shaft sleeves, which rotate inside bronze anti-abrasion proof bearing bushes to grant high wear resistance.
Check valve in stainless steel with rubber ring.
Valve body and suction casing in cast iron.
Tie rods in stainless steel with high resistance suitable for stage bodies assembling.

Working limits:
Max sand content: 100g/m3
Max working time with closed outlet: 3 min.

Sense of rotation and electrical motors
8R-10R pumps are equipped with coupling flange in accordance with NEMA norms and rotate clockwise viewed from the delivery casing. They are equipped with submersible rewindable motors Bizzi & Tedeschi in water bath type PA6-PA8 series.
See the relative brochures for motor details.
Performance range at 2900 r.p.m.
Pump Delivery
Manometric Head
Power range
data card
8R8 400 - 800 630 - 400 7,5 - 75 8R8 8''- 10'' serie 8R-10R
8''- 10'' serie 8R-10R
8R11 600 - 1000 467 - 600 9,2 - 75 8R11
10R13 700 - 1300 585 - 700 5,5 - 110 10R13
10R16 900 - 1600 476 - 900 7,5 - 110 10R16

Fields of application:
Agricultural irrigation
Municipality, domestic and industrial water supply
Fire-fighting systems
Artificial snow-making systems
8''- 10'' serie 8R-10R
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